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By Diana Palmer

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Red and worn, but a lady’s hand, just the same. ” The unfamiliar sound of her name on his lips, in that deep, soft tone, made her knees weak. She stared at his work-toughened hand, at the darkness of his skin against the paleness of her fingers. His touch excited her. “I had nowhere else to go. Besides, Mama needed me. ” “A fragile woman, your mother. A real Southern lady, just like you,” he added contemptuously. She lifted her eyes to his. ” he replied coldly, and the dark eyes that met hers were full of distaste.

That was good pie,” Thorn said directly, and sounded surprised. “Thank you,” she said. ” Vance asked curtly. “That’s right,” Teddy agreed, not realizing that the question was more mockery than query. “Trilby’s old. ” could have gone right through the floor. ” Thorn stared at her for a long moment. ” She flushed. “How you do go on, Mr. Vance,” she said stiffly. “Speaking of going on…” Vance smiled at her. It changed his face, made it less formidable, charming as his black eyes sparkled. ” he prodded.

Even now she was staring out over the barren landscape, into the distance, with that faraway look in her eyes. “I expect Richard is back from Europe by now,” she murmured. “I wish he could have come out to see us. Perhaps in a month or so, when he’s settled at home, he can. ” Richard Bates had been Trilby’s big love interest back home, but Teddy had never liked the man. He might be a gentleman, but compared to these Arizona men, he seemed pretty anemic and silly. He didn’t say so, though. Even at his age, he was learning diplomacy.

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