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3-2 Agilent 35670A Verifying Specifications Features of the Program • The program can automatically create a printout similar to the test records at the back of this chapter. • The program can beep when equipment connections need to be changed. • The program can start the test sequence at any test in the operation verification or performance test list. • The program can stop after each measurement or alternatively, only if a failure occurs. • The program can be run in manual mode. Test Duration In semiautomated mode, the operation verification tests require approximately 1 1 2 hours and the performance tests require approximately 2 1 2 hours.

Operation Verification and Performance Tests The operation verification tests give a high confidence level (>90%) that the Agilent 35670A Dynamic Signal Analyzer is operating properly and within specifications. The operation verification tests are a subset of the performance tests. The operation verification tests should be used for incoming and after-repair inspections. The performance tests provide the highest level of confidence and are used to verify that the Agilent 35670A Dynamic Signal Analyzer conforms to its published specifications.

The dc voltage provided by an automobile is susceptible to power transients. For example, power transients may occur when lights or fans turn on or off, when power door locks engage or disengage, and when windshield wipers operate. 8 V, the analyzer automatically turns off. 8 Vdc. Check that the cable connections are not loose. Obtain Agilent service, if necessary. ’’ at the end of this guide. 2-20 3 Verifying Specifications 3-1 Verifying Specifications This chapter tells you how to use the Agilent 35670A Semiautomated Performance Test Disk.

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