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5 Other Hypothalamic Afferents Numerous afferents were described in the literature (Palkovits and Zaborszky 1979) from other sources in normal and experimental degeneration studies. Nucleus Accumbens. The definition of this relatively large cell group of the rat is difficult: On developmental and histochemical (Swanson and Cowan 1975a, 1979) grounds)t can be regarded as a medial extension of the caudate-putamen. In its fiber connections (Conrad and Pfaff 1976c, Powell and Leman 1976, Swanson and Cowan 1977, Krettek and Price 1978a), it resembles equally the septum and striatum.

The supracommisural component innervates rostral limbic regions, the retrocommissural gives off fibers to the RCA and terminates in the capsular zone of the NVM. The ventral strial fibers also project to rostral limbic structures (precommissural fibers), but their main target is the central part of the NVM. As claimed by De Olmos (1972), stria terminalis fibers supplying the hypothalamus originate from the corticomedial nuclei; fibers from the caudal third run in the ventral component. HRP Studies.

14 and 15: While the ventromedial lesion damaged the fan-like fibers of the PM, the dorsolateral lesion left them intact. As they pass through the ventral tegmental area (on either side of the interpeduncular nucleus), the PM fibers tum at a right angle to the mamillary body. Some of the fibers pass through the mamillary body, or dorsolateral to it, to join the medial forebrain bundle (MFB), where they run to rostral in a ventral and medial position. From the PM, thick fibers can be traced running to medial at the base of the diencephalon (Fig.

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