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The main dilution sequences are explained and actions and improvements to avoid them are reported. Probabilities before and after the modifications are given. Due to the risk of reaching prompt criticality, IPSN considered that the subcriticality of the core should be increased from 1000 pcm to 2000 pcm in the shutdown state in order to avoid any return to criticality with up to 3 m3 slug in the cold leg. However, EdF has also been encouraged to continue the improvement on the mixing calculation tools, including international comparison.

The paper by Ishii et al. summarises the progress made in the US to replace the current, flow-regime dependent, interfacial area correlations with an interfacial area transport equation that could lead to dynamic flow regime transitions. This new approach produces continuous changes of the interfacial area and should eliminate the artificial, abrupt changes in flow regime and the related parameters, such as interfacial drag, produced by the present-generation codes using static flow regime maps.

Luther on Highly Stable Time Integration Using the Methods of Lines and the paper of I. Toumi on Advances in Numerical Schemes for Two-Phase 3-D ThermalHydraulics. This is a little misleading, however, because there has been progress over the last five or six years in the field of Computational Fluid Dynamics and flow simulation, which is of relevance also for Nuclear ThermalHydraulics. It is of interest to recall first the main recommendations made for improvement or development needs at the Annapolis Meeting (adapted from a transparency presented by M.

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