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Generality is a key worth in medical discourses and practices. all through background, it has obtained quite a few meanings and of makes use of. This number of unique essays goals to inquire into this range. via case reports taken from the historical past of arithmetic, physics and the lifestyles sciences, the publication offers proof of alternative methods of figuring out the final in a variety of contexts.

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The author's interest in the question of multiplicity of solutions grew out of the paper [1] where a class of problems of the form u = l G0 u + G1(l , u)u was studied. In (1. 1) l E R , the reals, and u is a vector in a real Banach space c having a norm denoted by 11 11 . The map G0 is compact and linear while G1( l, u)u is compact and nonlinear (cf. [1] for details). 1) with u ~ 0 , and set = (the closure). In [1] it was shown that if l 0 is a characteristic value of G 0 of odd multiplicity and if G1( l, u)u is of 11 u 11) near u = 0 , then 6' contains two continua, counting multiplicity, each of which connects ( l 0 , 0) to "o" or to a point (l, 0) where l is a characteristic value of G0 different from l 0 .

4 tells us there will be a continuum ( 0, 0) to 83R or to the boundary of one C n in á joining l of the balls about the points ( l1, 0). If, in the latter case, we join the intersection of C n with such a ball to the corresponding center ( l1, 0) we have a continuum from ( l 0 , 0) to ( l1, 0). Now Lemma 2. 2 in conjunction with arguments already used in the proof of theorem (2. 4) show that the limit set of the Cf is a continuum in á joining (l 0 , 0) to 8BR or to a point (l, 0), 10 0 . We give an example to show that the boundary M of a region Q as described in the theorem may contain a single zero of multiplicity two.

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