Johnny Sharpe's Absurdly Big Adult Joke Book PDF

By Johnny Sharpe

ISBN-10: 1848586124

ISBN-13: 9781848586123

Delve into those pages to find a immense choice of saucy sidesplitters that'll have your mates howling with laughter—or blushing with embarrassment! impolite and raunchy, this e-book isn't for the faint-hearted, however it promises a barrelful of abdominal laughs because it takes a mischievous peek on the naughtier facet of lifestyles.

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The boy went out in a dark rage, kicked the chickens, punched the cow and threw water all over the pigs. When he got back inside his mother was furious. " she fumed. " Just then, Dad came down the stairs and, nearly tripping over the cat, he gave the animal a mighty kick. " * A little girl went into her parent's bedroom to find her parents in bed. " she exclaimed. " * A rich businessman asked his small son what he would like for Christmas. "A baby brother, please," he replied. "I'm sorry, son, there's no time.

Oh, yes," she replies. " he persists. "Well... only a couple of things," she finally condedes. " "I can explain that," he says. ' " * Bob and Sheila had a small flat in the city and decided the only way they could have a Sunday afternoon 'quickie' was to send 10-year-old Johnnie out on the balcony and ask him to report on the neighbourhood activities. It was sure to distract him for an hour. The boy began his commentary as the parents got down to business. " Mum and Dad sat up in bed astonished.

Eventually he comes to a stop when he sees how oddly his son is looking at him. " he asks. " * A man decides to give some fatherly advice to his son. " * "Mummy, Mummy, I know how babies are made, I know how babies are made! " "Sshh, John, don't talk like that in front of the children. Let's use code. " exclaimed the little boy as he walked into the bedroom to find her sitting on Daddy. "Just flattening Daddy's tummy," Mum replied. " * "OK, kids," said Dad, returning home from work. " * The man had been working on the oil rig for three months but now he had a two-week break.

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