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By W. N. Aldridge (eds.)

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However, a suitable regime of tubocurarine which just prevented neuromuscular transmission, without abolishing end-plate potentials, was unable to prevent the occurrence of the end-plate necrosis in indirectly stimulated muscles. On the other hand, a tubocurarine dosage five times higher completely prevented the development of focal necrosis; such a dose of tubocurarine not only inactivates Anticholinesterases in Hypothermia 31 the muscles but also markedly depresses end-plate potentials. A therapeutic dose of a ChE-reactivating oxime, provided it was administered soon enough after the injection of the anti-ChE, also prevented the necrosis.

Meeler 32 not an effective means of dissipating excess heat. Moreover, rats do not pant like cats and dogs when overheated. , 1965). It was therefore interesting to see whether ChE inhibitors have an influence on the tail circulation. When a rat is kept in a restraining cage at an environmental temperature of 22°-24°C with a thermistor inserted 6 em into the rectum and another attached halfway down the tail, the rectal temperature is usually between Soman +atropine So man 0 12 Time (h) FIG. 1. Lg/kg) at time 0, given during a brief hexobarbitone anaesthesia (17 mg/kg, intraperitoneally).

NHa c 0 NHa c 0 s "' 0 0 R FIG. 13. L-Methionine-S-sulphoximine and L-methionine-R-sulphoximine. Glutamine Synthetase Inhibition 55 it had been inhibited by incubation with L-methionine-SR-sulphoximine, ATP and magnesium ions. It was converted to the a-N-L-leucyl derivative and examined chromatographically by the procedure of Manning & Moore (1968) which enables the diastereoisomers of a-N-L-leucyl-L-methionineSR-sulphoximine phosphate to be separated. When the methionine sulphoximine phosphate derived from the enzyme was thus derivatized and chromatographed, it was found to consist of only one of the two diastereoisomers.

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