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By George Sganos; Pekka Sinervo (supervisor)

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Ring-imaging Cerenkov Detector (DIRC): Charged particle identification, particularly π/K/p discrimination. • Electromagnetic Calorimeter (EMC): Position and energy measurement of photons and leptons. Hadron rejection, and particularly electron identification. 1: Longitudinal cross-section of the BABAR detector. P. 2. THE BABAR DETECTOR Detector CL IFR Endcap Forward 3045 End Plug Bucking Coil Support Tube 1375 810 e– Q4 e+ Q2 Q1 B1 3500 Floor 3-2001 8583A50 25 26 CHAPTER 2. THE BABAR DETECTOR AND DATA • Instrumented Flux Return (IFR): Neutral hadron and µ± identification, hadron rejection.

5). It predicts a narrow (ΓΘ+ ≈ 10 MeV) uudd¯ s state, the Θ+ , close to M = 1530 MeV/c2 . The same model predicts seven non-exotic pentaquark baryons which could behave like ordinary N ∗ states or hyperons. It also predicts cascade-like S = −2 states near 2070 MeV/c2 , two of which the Ξ5−− and ¯ respectively. In this the Ξ + had the charge-flavor-exotic structures ddss¯ u and uussd, 5 model pentaquarks emerge as rotational excitations of the soliton, with J P = 1+ . 5. PENTAQUARKS 13 Evidence for the Θ+ state has been reported by several experiments [87, 88, 89, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98].

This is particularly critical for low-momentum particles and those in the extreme forward and backward regions of the detector. 3, the DCH is enclosed by two concentric cylinders with radii of 236 mm and 809 mm, approximately 3m in length, and a pair of aluminum endplates. Gold-coated aluminum field wires form 7,104 densely packed hexagonal drift cells, each with a gold-coated tungsten-rhenium sense wires at the center. The cells are arranged in 40 cylindrical layers. Wires in 24 of the 40 layers are strung at small angles (between ±45mrad and ±76mrad) with respect to the z-axis, allowing the extraction of longitudinal as well as axial position information.

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