A History of the Application of Islamic Law in Nigeria by Yushau Sodiq PDF

By Yushau Sodiq

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ISBN-13: 9783319506005

This paintings analyzes the historical past of the appliance of Islamic legislation (Shari`ah) in Nigeria. It analyzes how Islamic legislation emerged in Nigeria towards the start of the nineteenth century and remained acceptable till the coming of the British Colonial regime in Northern Nigeria in 1903. It sheds gentle on how the legislations survived colonial rule and maintains until eventually today.

Dr. Yushau Sodiq analyzes revolutionary components in Islamic legislations over the last centuries. He is going directly to speak about many objections raised through the Nigerian Christians opposed to the appliance of Islamic legislation, in addition to how Muslims reply to such feedback. In a global that's usually saturated with Islamophobia and ignorant misconceptions approximately Islam, this e-book goals to explain and reply to many very important strategies and concepts inside of Islamic non secular culture.

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He was imprisoned and tortured for twenty-eight months by one of the Abbasid Caliphs, al-­Mu’tasim, because of his views about the Qur’an. He gained great fame for his insistence on the uncreatedness25 of the Qur’an and his steadfastness in the face of persecution. That period is known in Muslim history as the period of inquisition (mihnah), whereby all those scholars who did not subscribe to the rationalists’ (Mu’tazilite) opinions were punished by the government. The Hanbali school is followed predominantly in p ­ resent-­day Saudi Arabia and by some Muslims in Syria, Palestine and Iraq.

Primarily, he recognized the Shari`ah as a divine law with two principal aims: to strengthen one’s relationship with God and to establish justice among human beings. All laws should be located in the Qur’an and in the explanatory examples of the Prophet Muhammad, the Sunnah. When Imam Malik could not find provision for a case in these two sources, he resorted to other sources for guidance. He endorsed, as a source of law, the practice of the people of Medina (amal ahl al-Madinah),22 analogy (qiyas), a one-man narrated Hadith (khabar al-Wahid)23 and the consideration of the common good of the people (maslahah ​mursalah).

Eventually he won many disciples and students, who included Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal, the founder of the Hanbali school of law, Daud al-Zahiri, the founder of the Zahirite school, and the literalists. Imam Shafi’i was claimed to have written many books. 24 Fortunately for him, most of the early Islamic scholars, who compiled books on the traditions of the Prophet and on Islamic law, belonged to the NIGERIA: THE GIANT OF AFRICA 21 Shafi’i school, such as Imam al-Bukhari, Imam Muslim, al-Tirmizi, Ibn Majah, Abu Daud, Ibn Kathir, Abu Hamid al-Ghazali, al-Bayhaqi and al-­ Suyuti.

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